How to Drive Assertively

Car owners frequently experience frustrating situations while on the road.  Sometimes it's heavy traffic. And sometimes it's confusion at a four-way stop. No matter the situation, driving Assertively is a safe solution to the woes you face behind the steering wheel.  Read on to Learn How.

Know your vehicle. You can't be an assertive and confident driver if you are fumbling for knobs, looking for the right gear or craning your neck to find the mirrors. Spend time getting to know your car and you'll feel more comfortable taking control.

Have confidence. The key to assertive driving is the ability to possess an assured outlook. If you are confident in your skills as a driver, driving assertively will come naturally.

Pinpoint your destination. Some of the most passive drivers on the road are those who are unsure of their destination. Review directions before you leave home and know exactly where you are going. This way, you avoid dangerous habits like putting on your turn signal prematurely or changing lanes at the last minute.

Obey the speed limit. Simply put, maintain the posted speed limit or only a few km/hour above. Society is in a hurry these days. It would be wonderful to slow things down, but most people have kids to feed, dogs to walk and a morning commute to face. To the opposite of speeding, driving at a speed that is significantly lower than the speed limit can be also dangerous, annoying and inefficiently.

Maintain total control of your car. An assertive driver tests the brakes frequently, has a light, comfortable grip on the steering wheel, and has taken the time to adjust the mirrors and tune the radio before leaving the parking lot or home.

Avoid hesitation. Being wishy-washy about your intentions on the road is confusing to other drivers and can be dangerous. For example, if a stoplight is yellow and you are approaching the intersection, Slamming on your brakes at the last minute greatly increases the chance of a fender bender. Glance to the left and right and if you see no danger, go through the light. Assertive drivers rarely second guess themselves.